From The President


The Public Policy Forum of Crested Butte is a Colorado non-profit organization which brings to 

the Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte/Gunnison community each year a series of speakers 
presenting and discussing significant contemporary issues.

This past summer, its seventeenth season, the Public Policy forum of Crested Butte had another outstanding group of speakers who spoke on important and topical issues of politics and public policy.  These were: Professor John Leshy, who discussed water and land use issues in the western U.S.; Cheryl Thomas, CEO of Global Rights for Women, who spoke on the global impact and significance of the #MeToo movement;  John Nichols, National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation magazine and frequent commentator on television, who talked about “Trump and the Media,” a large and multifaceted subject; Professor Sean Theriault, an award-winning professor at the University of Texas, who discussed “Congressional Dysfunction and Party Polarization;” Ambassador Ronald Neumann, a career Foreign Service Officer who was U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Algeria and Bahrain, who spoke on the current state of Afghanistan and the limited options for the United States; John Walsh, former U.S.  Attorney for Colorado, who discussed the importance of maintaining an independent Department of Justice; award-winning University of Colorado history professor Patricia Limerick, who entertained the audience with reflections on Crested Butte, issues confronting Colorado and a few well-crafted limericks; and Spencer Wells, a geneticist, anthropologist and author, who enlightened the audience about what may be the most important scientific development in modern times, “The Genetics Revolution.”.  You can listen to these talks on the Forum’s website at 


As of February 2020, we have already put together another stellar season for next summer.  Barring unexpected changes, beginning on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 our speakers will be: Joseph Cirincione, president of Ploughshares and an expert on arms control and U.S.-Russia relations;  on July 7 Berit Anderson, an international keynote speaker and advisor on innovation, technology, media and global policy; on July 14,  Robert Hormats, a former State Department official in the Reagan and Obama administrations and an expert on U.S.-China relations; on July 21, David McCraw, the Deputy General Counsel of the New York Times, who handles First Amendment issues and defends journalists;  on July 28 Douglas Brinkley, the Presidential historian;  on August 4, Naomi Oreskes, an acclaimed author and speaker on environmental issues and climate change; on August 11, Heather Hurlburt, an expert on Iran and former senior State Department official in the Clinton Administration; and on August 18, Karl Rove, a well-known Republican strategist and senior advisor to George W. Bush.  We are looking forward to having the talks next summer in the new Center For the Arts.  Like last summer, they will begin at 7:00 p.m. each Tuesday night starting on June 30.


I want to thank our growing audiences, our sponsors and donors for their enthusiastic support for our programs. 


Dick Allen


The Public Policy Forum of Crested Butte