2020 Crested Butte Public Policy

Dear Friends of the Crested Butte Public Policy Forum:


Thank you again for being a supporter of the Crested Butte Public Policy Forum.   As we had previously written you, we have been looking forward to our 2020 summer speaker program, for which we lined up a stellar group of speakers.


Unfortunately, we have reluctantly decided that we must cancel that program due to the pandemic and all the uncertainties surrounding it.  In fact, Gunnison County has just issued its latest public health directive stating that it anticipates a ban on more than 25 (or potentially up to 50) persons at any public event in the months of July and August.  Whether and when it will even allow non-resident visitors (including our speakers) into the county remains uncertain.


We hope to convince many of the speakers who agreed to come this summer to speak at our 2021 program.  In any event, we will continue to work hard this Fall and next Spring to put together a great program for 2021, and we would welcome any suggestions for speakers and/or topics you may have.

If any of you would like to listen to some of the talks you may have missed last year or previous years, they are listed and available for listening to on our website www.crestedbutteforum.org


We hope you will continue to support the Forum's mission to bring high quality speakers to discuss issues of social, political and cultural importance.  We believe that our programs have contributed greatly to the educational and cultural experience of our Gunnison Valley community.  As you know, the pandemic has caused great hardships, financial and otherwise, to people, businesses and non-profit organizations like us throughout the county and the country.   Since we are cancelling our program this summer, the Forum will not be incurring additional costs directly associated with those talks, but we have already and will continue to incur administrative and other ongoing expenses that are not associated with the events themselves.   Any support you can provide during this difficult period will be greatly appreciated. 


Though we are very sorry we have to cancel our program this summer,  we thank you again for your continuing support of the Forum and hope to see you this summer in Crested Butte in any event.  We hope you are and remain well, as we are.


Dick Allen, President

Steve Polan, Vice President

Lisa Rodman, Treasurer

Beverly Griffith, Secretary


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July 29, 2015

Mark Udall; “Global Terrorism: Insights Gained in Four Years on the Senate Intelligence Committee”

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